joad lopez federico mendoza eada

An academic déja vu…

The EADA Business School in Barcelona is where eyescream and friends founders Joad Lopez and Federico Mendoza met and completed their M.B.A. in 2010. Last Tuesday their alma mater was hosting an entrepreneurship panel and invited them to come and talk about eyescream and friends to current students.

The panel gave them a platform to offer valuable advice to students regarding the challenges they will face starting their own business. It was an interesting opportunity for Joad and Fede to share their passion as entrepreneurs and to have an in-depth conversation with current students about how they set up eyescream and friends.

joad lopez federico mendoza An academic déja vu...

EADA is where Joad and Federico acquired an important part of the expertise in order begin their journey with eyescream and friends. And this is also the place they met, after all. Returning to EADA always turns out to be a little nostalgic throwback to the start of an exciting business adventure that keeps growing.




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